Saudi’s project of the Century

It will be the pride of the Islamic country.

Workers are leaving no stone unturned to finish the King Abdullah expansion Project at Grand Mosque in Makkah within the deadline. Saudi Binladen Group has taken this project to host at least 2 million pilgrims – largest expansion ever in the history. It will be a high standard and echo-friendly construction.

This is a SR100 billion extension project is tri-parted.

1. New building construction

2. Growth and development of courtyards around the mosque (walkways, tunnels and toilets)

3. Air Condition, electricity and drinking water.

It will accommodate 70 per cent more pilgrims. The old structure of the grand mosque will be demolished between Mount Safa and the central area facing the King Fahd expansion, including the King Abdulaziz Gate. With the conclusion of this phase, the total region of the project will enlarge to 81,567 square meters.

Pilgrims assistance from the first phase of extension in the area between Safa and Fatah Gate as well as the first chapter of the ground, first and second floor of last Haj.


1. Total area of the Grand Mosque at present is 356,000 sq. meters

2. The capacity for 770,000 worshippers

3. The area would be 456,000 sq. meters with an ability to house 1.2 million worshippers.

4. Expansion can hold an additional 250,000 worshipers.

The iconic development project, which will rich the Islamic heritage of the Prophet’s city as well as the Islamic architectural designs of the mosque, will due to future now.

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